Approach and  Solutions

Lobourg is serving a limited number of mid-market companies in a long term client relation setting. Creating value for our clients is our goal and the driver of our own long term success.

Real Estate Debt and equity funding

Lobourg has assisted a number of real estate operators with using their balance sheet or operation capabilities more efficiently. Focussing on the fast developing real estate lending market driven by asset managers, direct lenders and a US banks stepping in the vacuum the European banks have created. Moving away from the traditional lenders and getting the best available deal in the market needs some attention and its often a value creating exercise.

Loan Portfolio Funding

Lobourg has been working with a number of non-bank lenders. Both in portfolio acquisitions and with younger platform evolving from P2P or crowd to a diversified business model which will include institutional funding and the public capital markets. We are believers that this sector has very compelling growth drivers. The surviving platforms and the capital markets will increasingly find each other creating the best service notably to small real estate investors and SME borrowers. We provide assistance with loan tape formation, reporting, finding the best institutional partner and eventually coaching team to interact with the capital markets.

Buy-Outs and Expansions

Lobourg added value is bringing corporate finance skills to entrepreneurial teams. Whether in supporting an unit buy out from a larger organisation, supporting a team to enlarge its equity stake or expand its business with non-dilutive capital or capital which keep the team in charge. We feel comfortable aligning our interest with a team not for an one off transaction but for the longer journey.